Helping you improve your project communications

Elizabeth presenting at the APM Conference 2010

Elizabeth Harrin, Director, The Otobos Group

Business writing doesn’t have to be boring.*

The Otobos Group is a project communications consultancy that was set up to help others tell the story of their projects more effectively.

We provide consultancy services for businesses and individuals wanting to communicate more effectively about projects and project management. That includes producing project management templates and case studies, advising on internal reporting and reviewing your online presence.

We also provide a professional but accessible type of business writing for corporate and trade blogs, newsletters, websites and magazines.  Your customers and employees expect to be treated with intelligence but not bored to death with news of your new widget. We can produce copy about your project-related business including press releases.

We do business writing with personality.

The Otobos Group specializes in project management communications.  Our expertise comes from working with businesses who are flexible, agile, innovative and who want their customers (and staff) to have a great experience.

So, get a cup of tea, and tell us what you want to say – and let us make your story brilliant.

* We can do the more boring type of business writing if you really, really want.