Better Project Status Reports

Course Overview

Have you ever had stakeholders who don’t get it or who don’t listen? One of the main ways of getting your message across more clearly is through project status reports. But what are project status reports really useful for? Who reads them and why do we create them? Project status reports are a key communication tool for project managers, but often they aren’t read by the people who should be reading them.

The Better Project Status Reports course will help you get your message across more clearly. I can’t guarantee that your stakeholders will listen but I can promise that they are more likely to hear you if you craft your message more effectively.

This course will explain how to produce project status reports, and more importantly, how to get your stakeholders to read and act on them.

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Below is an outline of the course modules.

Module 1: Who are you writing for?

  • Why do project managers produce status reports?
  • Identifying the audience for your reports

Module 2: Choosing the best format

  • Choosing the best format for your status reports
  • Identifying the most appropriate frequency for your status reports
  • Setting up a report template

Module 3: What should you include?

  • Establishing what information to include
  • Getting the level of detail right
  • How to get updates from your team members to include in your report

Module 4: Getting your point across

  • What point are you making?
  • Tips for grammar
  • When and how to send your reports
  • Writing for international project team members

Module 5: Writing for results

  • Getting action as a result of your report
  • What else should you do to ensure your reports are acted on?

Module 6: Writing about Red

  • BRAG colour coding
  • How to share bad news in your report

Module 7: Using reports for recognition

  • Your personal brand
  • Your voice
  • Getting recognition for you and your team from your reports

The course also includes 3 sample report templates and worksheets to help you create the best possible status reports for your project.

Extra Option

Get one of your project status reports critiqued by me. I’ll provide feedback on how I think you can improve your report and on the template you are using.