Why are you called a ‘Group’?

The Otobos Group is a small business with a number of part-time staff. If you hire us for your business writing requirements, you’ll get me, Elizabeth Harrin.  If I need to, I draw on other writers, press experts and proof readers. I chose the name as I have grand plans for the company and I hope one day it will be a group in the true sense. In the meantime, the name reflects the group of services on offer: writing, editing, proof reading, and writing consultancy and support for people working on their own projects.

What does Otobos mean?

Otobos stands for On Time, On Budget, On Scope. It’s a project management term, but it works equally well in this setting: we aim for all our client writing projects, whether regular or one-off, to be delivered OTOBOS. Oh, and high quality too, but you can’t pronounce Otobosoq.

What are your rates?

What do you want us to do?  It’s hard to provide set prices when every project I work on is individual. Rates range from under $100 for simple press releases, and rise depending on the length of the project and the work involved.  Get in touch and we’ll talk about it.  You’ll always get a proposal in advance of incurring any costs and you’ll always know what you’re signing up for.